How The Iditarod Works

Each year hundreds of dogs haul humans in sleds as part of the 1,100 plus mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It's grueling and not without controversy but one thing is for sure, these are some amazing dogs.

Skydiver Prepares to Break the Sound Barrier

I written about this guy before, Felix Baumgartner. He's pretty much the baddest dude on the planet when it comes to jumping out of airplanes. He also does a lot of BASE jumping - like when you jump off a building or say the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. I wrote about Baumgartner when he glided 22 miles, with a pair of what looked like jet wings attached to his back, clear across the English Channel. Wicked cool. This time around Baumgartner has his sights set on a couple of records -- the highest jump at an astounding 120,000 feet, and the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall.

This is pretty dang cool. "Coasteering" is the latest wacko activity that adrenaline junkies have dreamed up. It originated in Wales and as one coasteer (?) puts it, "it's everything your mother told you not to do by the seaside." Basically, you strap on a helmet and wet suit and work your way down the rocky coastline, however you can. You shimmy around on slick rocks and when it gets too steep or too high, you jump in the water. You get tossed around in tidal pools like you're laundry and dart in and out of caves like a sea turtle. I'm not Mr. Extreme or anything, but I enjoy a good romp now and then and I love the spirit of these people and how they use the Earth as their own little playground. It reminds me that humans are kind of cool and creative.