Worst Names Revealed -- Is Yours One of Them?

Charles Bryant

I've always found it interesting that your name, which is tied so closely to you, is something you don't get to choose. Sure, you can change your name and create a new identity for yourself, but most of us go through life with the name our parent's gave us, for better or worse. This morning, BBC news turned me on to a recently published list of the most unfortunate names in the UK. It was compiled by The Baby Website after researchers dug into online phone listings in England.

Some of the more unfortunate names included Hazel Nutt, Justin Case and Stan Still. The site also checked out some American listings and found a Bill Board and an Anna Prentice, among others. Dr. Les Plack, a San Francisco dentist, seemed destined to live up to his name. My own dentist as a child was Dr. Tuggle, although I failed to see the significance at the time. You've got to think that parents who name their child Hazel Nutt either have a great sense of humor or a cruel streak.

So what's in a name? Are people inclined to turn out a certain way because of their moniker? Is a "Butch" destined to grow up into a tough guy or a "Jane" more inclined to be plain? Not too long ago three of the biggest movie action heroes were named Arnold, Sylvester and Mel -- not exactly the most threatening handles I can think of.

So what do you think -- does your name match your personality?

Your homework for today: Is it illegal not to have a name? Have thousands of children in China been named Olympics? How can I erase my identity and start over? Baby-Naming Trends