West Coast Tour Update: We've Got Us A Sold-Out Show

Josh Clark

We were already pretty excited about our upcoming trip to the West Coast at the end of March for our live shows, but we're even more so now that we've just learned that one of them has just sold out. So we say thank you, Portland, for being such great people!

There are still tickets left for the other three shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle and you can score those at SYSKLIVE.com. And while we're at it, thank you to our pals at Squarespace for that beautiful website. Squarespace, along with HowStuffWorks, is pitching in for our tour and are hooking us (and those of you who are coming to the shows) up.

Being partnered up with Squarespace also means we are just one degree removed from Jeff Bridges, as if life couldn't get any more amazing. If you saw the [Big Game] on [Big Game] Sunday recently you probably saw the awesome commercials Squarespace put together starring Mr. Jeff Bridges chanting beside some sleeping people. Turns out, The Dude released an album called Dreaming With Jeff wherein Jeff creates soothing music for dreaming and talks and hums and just generally makes you fall asleep by talking like a really relaxed Rooster Cogburn. Pretty far out, sure, but even neater is that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Dreaming With Jeff goes to No Kid Hungry, an organization that does what it says on the tin.

So, in short, by buying your tickets to our live shows, you are supporting a podcast that is sponsored by a business that makes commercials to sell concept albums the proceeds of which combat childhood hunger. Clearly, SYSK is the weak link in that chain, but it turns out that the end justifies the means.

Hope to see you guys in the Spring!