West Coast Tour Update, Ahoy! Or: What's Wrong With Los Angeles?

Josh Clark

Oh boy, the time is almost upon us! Our West Coast tour kicks off on Monday and here it is, oh gosh, THURSDAY. We better start prepping.

A full three-quarters of our shows are totally sold out; even the guest lists are full, which is making us feel pretty welcome out West. There is one outlier, however, a town in Southern California called Los Angeles, which -- we are told -- means "The Angeles" in Spanish. There are still plenty of seats left for our show there (which can be purchased through the sweet website our pals at Squarespace set up for us for the tour, SYSKLive.com) and we would like to invite the good people of Los Angeles who have not yet purchased a ticket to do so at their earliest convenience.

Our sources and contacts in Los Angeles -- famous, every last one -- tell us that there are many, many events and happenings to choose from on any given night in Los Angeles. For example, on March 30, the night of our event, Los Angelenos ("The Angelenos") could opt instead to attend Curiositease with Bobbi DeCarlo and the Starlites, the Fast and Furious 7 Premiere and After Party, and the closing night of Innocents, a photography exhibit by Moby that envisions the apocalypse took place in 2012.(Moby, by the way, has attended one of our live events before, so he can be forgiven if he skips this one in order to attend his own thing that night.) Surely, on a variety of levels we cannot compete with these other events, but we still humbly submit ourselves into competition against these and all events in Los Angeles. We checked; no one big's playing that night.

To sweeten the pot a little, we conferred and decided to release a little info about some of the treats in store for the people who come out. For the first 200 people at the door, we have these awesome special tour posters --for free -- created just for our tour by artists Andrew and Veronica at Factory 43 in Seattle.

Pretty sweet, huh? The bear represents Chuck and the telescope represents me. I don't know.

As if that weren't enough enticement, our pals at Squarespace are also throwing in for the Smilebooth to roll up to all four shows so all of you can commemorate the greatest show you'll ever attend with a nice photo. Here's roughly what the Smilebooth van will look like so you don't accidentally climb aboard some weirdo's van and ask him to take your picture:

These are just two neat things we can guarantee attendees. Who knows what other wonderfulness will organically erupt? To be an attendee yourself, should you live in or wish to travel to Los Angeles on March 30, remember, just head over to SYSKLive.com and get your tickets.

We're looking forward to seeing you guys in all the cities! Thanks so much for coming out to support us! LA! San Francisco! Portland! Seattle! See you next week!

Your pals,

Josh and Chuck