We Got your Winners of the Stuff You Should Know T-shirt Contest Right Here

Josh Clark

The t-shirt contest has been going on for so long, that it's come to feel like a recurring character on the podcast; like Jeri or the fight or flight response or my speech impediment. We first announced it several months ago, it went on hiatus and then was relaunched triumphantly (and within legal guidelines). And now, it's time to announce the five winners of the first-ever Stuff You Should Know T-Shirt Design Contest!

We thank each and every one of the people who submitted more than 70 designs. It turns out that we have some very talented listeners. We had a rough time whittling down the last 23 to a slender five winning designs. We loved some designs but had to pass over because they blatantly violated all manner of intellectual property law and would have gotten Chuck and me thrown in the cooler. Others were intricate and amazing, but wouldn't have transferred well to a t shirt, we thought. Others were scans of crayon drawings on lined notebook paper, which wouldn't have worked well either. At any rate, we loved all of the designs. Keep an eye out for a gallery of the runners-up coming soon.

But first, we've assembled the five winners in a gallery. And! If you'd like to buy one, the shirts are up for sale at the Discovery Store (we have shirts for sale in the same place they sell Destroyed in Seconds coffee mugs, which means we've arrived).

Thanks again for everyone who entered the contest and keep an eye out for something else to participate in, as soon as we figure out what it is.

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