The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Can We Make Sense of the Malheur Mess? In High Country News, Hal Herring writes about traveling to the standoff at a federal park in Oregon and finding it populated with the uninformed and the mislead.

Little Girl Lost In an article from 1994 in GQ, Mike Sager writes an unflattering an unsympathetic profile of the porn star Savannah who committed suicide earlier that year.

The Internet Believes Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer - and So Far He Hasn't Denied It On Raw Story, Travis Gettys writes about a crowdsourced internet hoax.

Cancer Cons, Phoney Accidents, and Fake Deaths: Meet the Internet Hoax Buster In The Guardian, Rachel Monroe writes about a woman who investigates and unmasks internet malingerers and Munchausen sufferers.

Inside the Artificial Universe that Creates Itself In The Atlantic, Roc Morin writes about a new online game that features 18 quintillion unique planets players can explore and which is so enormous that two players ever encountering each other unintentionally would be "an almost impossible event".

Inside the LSD Museum the DEA Somehow Hasn't Torn to the Ground In Wired, Margaret Rhodes writes about a small San Francisco museum that houses a collection of tens of thousands of doses of LSD.

Sheldon Adelson Bets It All In Mother Jones, Matt Isaacs writes a profile of a billionaire who spends hundreds of millions of dollars on political campaigns and sues journalists who write things about him he doesn't like.

The New Mind Control On Aeon, Robert Epstein writes about a study he co-authored that found Google search results can sway opinions dramatically and impact events like elections in profound ways.

What UFOs Mean for Why People Don't Trust Science In The Atlantic, Julie Beck writes about the long tradition of science treating research into UFOs dismissively.