The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Road Warrior On Mother Jones, Hannah Levitona writes about a Boston lawyer who is defending the rights of workers in the booming, tech-based service economy.

How Esurance Lost Its Mascot to the Internet On Priceonomics, Zachary Crockett writes about Erin Esurance, the dashing, original cartoon woman mascot for the online insurance company, which was phased out due in part to a burgeoning porn trade in her likeness.

Micturition Syncope and Defecation Syncope On Neurology Medlink, Douglas J Lanska writes about similar syndromes that feature fainting after urinating or defecating.

History Lesson: The Singapore Sling On Imbibe, David Wondrich writes about the origins of the famous cocktail.

The Science Myths that Will Not Die On Nature, Megan Scudellari writes about persistent myths, ostensibly rooted in and back up by science.

1821: Ketaukah and Kewahiskin, the First Hangings in the Michigan Territory On Executed Today, the Hedsman writes about two Native Americans who were hanged for murder in pioneer Detroit.

DMT, Moses and the Quest for Transcendence On Reality Carnival, Cliff Pickover makes the case that early modern people communed with gods because their brains produced more DMT.

China: 131 Ancient Hanging Coffins Up to 1200 Years Old Discovered on Mountainside On International Business Times, William Watkinson writes about an ancient burial practice of the Bo People.

A3 'Ghost Crash' Remembered 10 Years On On Get Surrey, a staff member posts about the peculiar events that led to the discovery of the body of a man who was killed in a car wreck five months earlier.

It's A Wonderful Life, Comrade On Moyers & Company, Michael Winship writes about the House Unamerican Activities Committee's investigation into the rumored communist undertones of the classic Christmas movie.

TV Reporter Spends Retirement Investigating Brutal Murder On the BBC, Jessica Lussenhop writes about a reporter-turned-detective who has dedicated himself to exonerating a man he believes was wrongfully convicted of a murder the man reported on in his previous career.

Death Stars Are a Waste of Time. Here's the Best Way to Take Over the Galaxy On PhysOrg, Stuart Armstrong writes about the physics of destroying planets and harvesting the energy of stars.

The Tasty Origins of the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine On Mental Floss, Jake Rossen writes about the legendary toy.

The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins In The New Republic, John Gray writes about the certainty of The Selfish Gene author's seemingly unexplored faith in science.