The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

How Casio Accidentally Started Reggae's Digital Revolution In Engadget, James Trew writes about the origin of the Rock setting on the 1981 Casio MT40 keyboard, which ended up becoming sleng teng riddim, the basis for Jamaican dancehall music.

It's A Wonderful Life Shows the Unending Cost of Being Good In A.V. Club, Todd VanDerWerff analyzes the classic holiday movie from a bleak perspective.

This is a News Website Article About a Scientific Paper In a 2010 article in The Guardian, Martin Robbins precisely lampoons the lazy approach most news outlets take to reporting on recent scientific findings.

Last Days of the Comanches In a 2010 article in Texas Monthly, SC Gwynne writes about an American detachment tasked with killing off the Comanche tribe, which not only successfully opposed Westward expansion, but pushed it backward.

The Inflatable Thought Leader In The Awl, Tim Williams interviews a freelance writer who has quit ghostwriting blog posts for CEOs and has said her colleagues should do the same.

150-Year-Old Map Shows Beaver Dams Can Last Centuries On Science, David Malakoff writes about a pretty neat find.

Can You Legally Own A Piece of the Moon? On Air & Space, Paul D Spudis writes about the legal grey area occupied by lunar dust samples for sale on eBay.