The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Harry Kendall Thaw The Wikipedia entry for a profligate, mentally ill turn-of-the-century heir who murdered a famous architect, was the original inspiration for the term "playboy", and who may have invented the heroin and cocaine combination known as the speedball.

A Dream Traveler's Guide to the Sleeping Mind On BBC Future, David Robson writes about an Edwardian-era woman who taught herself how to dream lucidly and established the foundation of a branch of neuroscience just blossoming today.

How to Apologize On The Toast, Mallory Ortberg provides a nihilistic list of 12 suggestions that is worth real reflection when faced with the prospect of apologizing.

The Early Spy Manual that Turned Bad Middle Management into an Espionage Tactic On Atlas Obscura, Cara Giaimo writes about a sabotage field manual from World War II.

The Science of Hatred On the Chronicle of Higher Education, Tom Bartlett writes about a Bosnian psychologist who is studying the science of cultural denial as a method of warding off responsibility for atrocities.

Ken McElroy The Wikipedia entry for a man who was the "town bully" of Skidmore, Missouri, whose unsolved 1981 murder was witnessed by as many as 46 people.