The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Tiny black holes could trigger collapse of the universe - except they don't In Science, Adrian Cho writes about a paper that supposes a tiny black hole could trigger the immediate collapse of the universe.

What is the 'False Vacuum' and Are We Living In It? On Ask A Mathematician/Ask A Physicist, the Physicist writes about the theoretical precarious state our universe exists in.

The deep influence of the A-bomb on anime and manga On The Conversation, Frank Fuller writes about how the atomic bombs exploded over Nagasaki and Hiroshima remain a theme in Japanese pop art.

The Great Otter Pop Protest of '96 The Uncle John's Bathroom Reader writes about a grassroots protest to save an ice pop flavor.

The only chocolate-chip cookie recipe you'll ever need In the Los Angeles Times, Noelle Carter writes about the best cookie(?).

Atomically-precise manufacturing as the future of nanotechnology On the Foresight Institute, James Lewis writes about the state of the art with manufacturing using nanoscale replicators.

Doves and Hawks On Laura's Birding Blog, Laura Erickson writes about the irony of using pigeons as a rallying symbol for war.

Georgia claims publishing its state laws for free online is 'terrorism' In the Los Angeles Times, Michael Hiltzik writes about a 'rogue archivist'.

Fan Death The Wikipedia entry for a culturally-bound Korean belief that sleeping with a fan on overnight can cause death in humans.

The Ghosts of Pickering Trail On The Atavist, Will Hunt and Matt Wolfe write about a court case over a property with a terrible past.

Stunned by the Watts Riots, the LA Times struggled to make sense of the violence In the Los Angeles Times, Doug Smith critically analyzes the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting from 1965 by the paper he works for.