Josh Clark

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Why We Really Should Ban Autonomous Weapons: A Response On IEEE Spectrum, Max Tegmark, Stuart Russell and Toby Walsh disassemble an argument to the joint letter released by hundreds of researchers calling for a ban on AI weapons.

Jennifer Pan's Revenge In Toronto Life, Karen K Ho writes about a former classmate whose web of deception led to her taking a contract out on her parents' life.

The Killer in the Pool In the 2010 article in Outside that formed the basis of the documentary Blackfish, Tim Zimmermann writes about the dangers of keeping orcas in captivity.

Decoding the symbols on Satan's statue In the BBC magazine, James Morgan writes about the symbology of a Baphomet statue recently unveiled in Detroit.

Why the most popular rule of weight loss is completely wrong In the Washington Post, Roberto A Ferdman writes about the myth of the 3500 calorie rule.

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? On LiveScience, Elizabeth Palermo writes about the investigation into an everyday mystery.

Doobie Brothers vs The Doobie Decimal System In Trademark Battle On Ars Technica, Timothy Geigner writes about the 70s band the Doobie Brothers raining injunctions onto a cover band.

The Secret History of Southern Tomato Pie On Epicurious, Sam Worley writes about an essential, but often overlooked, Southern dish. Includes a link to a fine recipe.

This 390-year-old bonsai tree survived an atomic bomb, and no one knew until 2001 In the Washington Post, Faiz Saddiqui writes about an exceptional white pine tree on the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear attack.

The Mask Dancers: Lavinia Schulz and Walter Holdt On the eponymous blog, Jan Reetze writes about an expressionist art couple who were nearly lost to history, had it not been for their effects stowed away unlabeled.

A 13th-Century Sword is Giving Historians Headaches On Smithsonian, Danny Lewis writes about the call for help by British Museum researchers in deciphering the inscription on an 800-year-old sword.