The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

The Electric Dock Ellis Acid Test: An Attempt To Recreate His Drug-Addled No-Hitter, On Xbox On Deadspin, AJ Daulerio writes about his experience taking LSD and playing Xbox all day.

Comments on 2001 Visual Memory publishes New Jersey high schooler Margaret Stackhouse's analysis of 2001, which Stanley Kubrick said was perhaps the most intelligent he'd ever read.

A Neuroscientist's Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious On Wired, Brandon Keim interviews Christof Koch about the theory of panpsychism.

The Devil and John Holmes In a 1989 article in Rolling Stone, Mike Sager chronicles the downward spiral of the porn actor into a murderous set-up.

How the U.S. Government Tested Biological Warfare on America On Pricenomics, Zachary Crockett writes about mid-century tests by the US military on unsuspecting American cities, with terrible results.

What Happened in Room 102 On The Intercept, Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith write about the murder case that was the center of the recent Supreme Court's decision to reinstate executions.

Earth's Aliens On Aeon, Sarah Scoles writes about the search for alien life on Earth based on the possibility that life evolved more than once here.

The Hunt for El Chapo In a 2014 article in The New Yorker, Patrick Radden Keefe writes about the first escape and subsequent search for Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

Psychologists' collusion with US torture limited our ability to decry it anywhere In the Guardian, Dr Steven Miles writes about the recent report detailing how the American Psychological Association worked to allow members collude with the CIA to refine and oversee torture techniques.

The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment In The New Yorker, Maria Konnikova writes about the infamous psychological experiment put under scrutiny.