The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

The Wetsuitman On Dagbladet, Anders Fjellberg writes about the baffling mystery of two bodies that washed ashore in separate parts of Europe and led to an exploration of the arduous lives of migrants.

Why Baltimore Blew Up In Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi examines Broken Windows policing through the recent protests against police brutality in Baltimore.

Helter Skelter Longform publishes an excerpt about the classic true crime book by Vincent Bugliosi about the Manson Family murders.

The Children Who Went Up In Smoke On Smithsonian, Karen Abbot writes about a peculiar case where five children mysteriously vanished in a house fire.

Tales From the eBay Crypt On the Awl, Rick Paulas writes about the booming online retail market for haunted items.

Why Things Happen On Aeon, Matthias Frisch writes a brain bending essay on whether cause and effect has a place in describing physics.

Death, Redesigned In the California Sunday Magazine, Jon Mooallem writes about what happens when start-up boom San Francisco decides it wants to change how people feel about death.