The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Go forth and multiply a lot less The Economist publishes an article detailing how wealth and lower fertility rates are coupled.

Thought-Controlled Genes Could Someday Help Us Heal On Scientific American, Simon Makin writes about experiments that are connecting control of gene expression to the mind.

The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary In Smithsonian, Linda Rodriguez McRobbie writes about the evolution of clowns and coulrophobia.

Everything You Don't Know About Carrots On Epicurean, Sheela Prakash writes about some myths concerning carrots.

Where the Danger (Does Not) Lurk On Medium, Thomas Jollans uses the recent GermanWings plane crash to explore irrational human rationalization.

Black Men Being Killed Is The New Girls Gone Wild On Matter, Jade E Davis writes about videos of black men dying at the hands of police as a new and popular type of porn.

Seeing Walter Scott In The New Yorker, Ekow N Yankah how ubiquitous video has made it more difficult for unjust police killings to be covered up.

Apollo 1: The Fire That Shocked NASA On Scientific America, Amy Shira Teitel writes about the fire that killed three astronauts in 1967.

How Ships Survive A Hurricane At Sea On Popular Mechanics, Klona Smith-Strickland writes about the methods shipping vessels use to avoid being sunk at sea by hurricanes.

Why do we have allergies? On Mosaic, Carl Zimmer writes about an outlying hypothesis of why humans have allergic reactions to seemingly benign molecules.

The 'research' that isn't actually research On Management Today, Simon Oxenham writes about a PR company that is making headway in shaping the minds of the public.