The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

The Underpolicing of Black America In the Wall St Journal, Jill Leovy writes about the concept of "ghettocide", where police crack down on petty crimes while violent ones go uninvestigated.

How Uber's Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs and Reshape the Economy By 2025 On his eponymous blog, Zack Kanter provides a pretty neat vision of transportation in the near future.

Medical errors in America kill more people than AIDS or drug overdoses. Here's why On Vox, Sarah Kliff writes about an overlooked and underestimated significant problem in American health care.

How many senses do we have? On the BBC site, Christian Jarrett writes about the various ways the human senses can be classified.

Look Out - He's Got a Phone! In Vanity Fair, Charles C Mann writes about how the Internet of Things will further expose us to being abused by our machines in myriad new ways.

The Mystery of the Deadly Black Blob In a Chicago Tribune article from 1992, Gary Marx writes about a weird, mysterious goo that poses terrible danger alone a stretch of highway in Caracas, Venezuela.

What Really Happened to Baby Johann? On Medium, Elizabeth Weil writes about a family that is living with the death of their infant child and battling the charge that the father killed him through abuse.

The Medium is the Message, 50 Years Later In Pacific Standard, Paul Hiebert writes about pioneering media thinker Marshall McLuhan.