The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

The crystalline wall On Aeon, Joe Moran writes about the role of shyness in the human organism.

An Impassioned Letter From the Keyboard Player in OK Go On Letters of Not, Andy Ross writes an open letter to his band mates expressing his dissatisfaction with the direction the band's career has taken.

Magic Mushrooms Create A Hyperconnected Brain On LiveScience, Tia Ghose writes about recent findings that explain the basis for the hallucinations, thoughts and sense of well being created by psilocybin.

The Ur-Deli On Slate, Jordan Weissman writes about the famous Katz's Deli, one of only a handful of original New York delis that have managed to survive.

Automated ethics On Aeon, Tom Chatfield writes about the immediate future of ethics, where we will soon find ourselves with driverless cars that choose to kill a single bystander instead of a bus full of children.

When Parallel Worlds Collide, Quantum Mechanics is Born On IFL Science, Howard Wiseman writes about a new approach to explaining the weirdness on the quantum level that he has co-authored, namely that it is the results of parallel universes rubbing against one another.