The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Why Do We Love Bad Singing? On Slate, Carl Wilson writes about the history of America's love of terrible singing and music, and explores what underlies this odd appreciation.

Breunig vs American Family Insurance Company On CaseBriefs, a synopsis of an odd lawsuit from 1970.

Blue-Blocking Sunglasses May Help Treat Bipolar Disorder, Help Promote Sleep On Newsweek Europe, Douglas Main writes about a prescription-free and apparently effective treatment for combating depression and the depressive phase of bipolar disorder.

The Mystery Behind a Kazakh Town's Sleeping Sickness On Mental Floss, Shaunacy Ferro writes about what's behind a town plagued with a strange predilection toward sleeping almost constantly.

Hollywood Has Ruined Method Acting On The Atlantic, Angelica Jade Bastién writes about the interpretation of what constitutes method acting in recent years, which seems most likely plotted by actors following the advice of PR reps.

How to Investigate a Flying Saucer On the CIA's website, the agency writes about its past involvement in investigating UFO sightings and how it streamlined the process.

Hitler's Food Taster Tells of Poisoning Fears On the AP site, Kristen Grieshaber writes about a woman who came forward in 2013 to reveal that she was the sole surviving member of a 15-person team of young girls who tasted Hitler's food for poisoning.

Jackie Robinson in Reverse, Eddie Klep Integrated Negro Leagues On his eponymous site, Jonathan Tilove writes about a white pitcher who was the first to play in the black baseball leagues.

The True Story of the Unauthorized, Daredevil Documentation of the Horizons Ride at Disney World On Dangerous Minds, Doug Jones writes about two friends who learned to sneak onto a beloved and defunct ride in order to closely document it.