The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Where Did the Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Go So Wrong? On Popular Mechanics, Jeff Wise writes about the educated guess that drove the search for the passenger plane that went missing in 2014.

Baby Doe In The New Yorker, Jill Lepore writes about the constant crisis American child protective services finds itself in due to an institutional habit of careening reactionism to stories that garner national interest in murdered children and political antipathy toward low income families.

A New Explanation for One of the Strangest Occurrences in Nature: Ball Lightning On Nautilus, Chris Drudge writes about a recent study that may have at last uncovered the physics behind the mysterious phenomenon of ball lightning.

Mad Men to Seinfeld - TV's Most Criminally Overrated Shows In The Guardian, some of the site's TV critics write about why some of the most revered shows of all time are also among the most over hyped.

Is 2016 the Worst Year in History? On Slate, Rebecca Onion interviews a handful of historians to find what they think was the worst year in human history.

The Molecatcher's Daughter In a 2006 article in The Believer, Paul Collins writes about the advent of crime reporting as we recognize it today, which finds its true origin in the person of a 19th-century English journalist.

5 Reasons Trump Will Win On his eponymous site, Michael Moore makes a pretty convincing case that Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election.

The Fat Free Revolution that Gave America Diarrhea On Priceonomics, Alex Mayyasi writes about the development of olestra, a fat substitute that had dire consequences for the people who ate it.