The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

17 Commercial Failures from Brands With Spectacularly Bad Ideas On Consumerist, Mary Beth Quirk writes about flops from the food and beverage sector.

A Brief History of Terrible Yogurt Commercials Targeted at Women On New York Magazine, Gabriella Paiella writes about a trend in yogurt advertising that finds its roots in the 90s.

'Our Worst Nightmare': New Legal Filings Detail Reporting of Rolling Stone's U-Va Gang Rape Story In the Washington Post, T Rees Shapiro writes about the fallout from the loss of credibility of the main source for the magazine's explosive article.

Will the Internet Find Maura Murray? In the Boston Globe, Bill Jensen writes about the online search for a nursing student who vanished in New Hampshire in 2004.

Mothman: An Expose In a 2011 article on io9, Ed Grabianowski writes about the myth of the Mothman, a West Virginia cryptid whose legend has grown by baffling degrees.

'Singing Runway' at the Abandoned Disney World Airport On Atlas Obscura, collinqburke writes about an overlooked strip of tarmac at Disney World.

Star Wars and the Fantasy of American Violence A soldier who invaded Iraq in 2003 writes about how his views of the military and country he served have changed.

The 'Gay Cure' Experiments that Were Written Out of Scientific History On Mosaic, Robert Colvile writes about the experiments conducted by pioneering neurologist Robert Heath, much of which has since been discredited.

A Death on Usenet: Sharon Lopatka and the Strange Case of 'Consensual' Murder On The Kernel, Jeremy Lybarger writes about the 1996 murder of a woman who wanted to be tortured to death.

Bad Intelligence On The Nation, Peter C Barker writes about an anthropology historian whose focus of study is on the long and deep covert collaboration between anthropology and the US government.