The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Here is the Powerful Letter the Stanford Victim Read Aloud to Her Attacker Buzzfeed published the letter the anonymous woman who was sexually assaulted by 19-year-old Brock Turner in 2015 read too Turner in court after he was sentenced to six months in local jail.

Should the Humanities Embrace Scientism? My Postmodern Response to Pinker's Patronizing "Plea" On Scientific American, John Horgan writes about the recent blurring of the line between science and the humanities and the issues it's raised.

More Mysterious Craters Found In Siberia On LiveScience, Tanya Lewis writes about massive craters that have been appearing seemingly out of nowhere in the Siberian tundra, a phenomenon that some scientists suspect is linked to climate change.

Is Scientific Materialism 'Almost Certainly False'? On Scientific American, John Horgan reviews a book by philosopher Thomas Nagel that is critical of the prevailing boosterism behind science.

Dean Rusk Also Missing, Feared Dead On The Intercept, Barrett Brown continues his review of Niall Ferguson's biography of Henry Kissinger.

The True Story of the Fake Zombies On Buzzfeed, Daniel Ralston writes about a bizarre piece of music history, when two future members of ZZ Top toured as imposters for a British psychedelic rock band.