The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

R.I.P., GOP: How Trump is Killing the Republican Party In Rolling Stone, Matt Taibi writes about what brought about the demise of the Republican Party establishment and concludes it brought about its own downfall through corporate collusion.

Jerry Lee Lewis' Short-lived Musical Career In a 1994 article in Entertainment Weekly, Bob Cannon writes about how Jerry Lee Lewis became an early example of the evils of rock and roll.

Has Convenience Turned You Into a Monster? On The Guardian, John Paul Brammer writes about the dichotomy between the support for progressivism and support for exploitation of workers in the service field that appears to exist within some people.

Magic 1978 In Dreams Are What La Cinema Is For, Ken Anderson reviews the weird 1978 psychological thriller Magic, starring Anthony Hopkins as a schizophrenic ventriloquist.

The Curse of the Ramones In Rolling Stone, Mikal Gilmore writes about the early punk pioneers and their famously chilly relations with one another.

192 Days as John Doe On Mosaic, Deborah Halber writes about the overlooked widespread incidence of unidentified remains across the U.S. and about the groups trying to connect them with missing persons reports to provide families with closure.

How Free Market Ideology Perverts the Vocabulary of Democracy On Aeon, Jason Stanley writes about the use of terms associated with liberty to disguise plutocratic systems within the U.S. managed to swindle America.

AI Will Create Useless Class of Human, Predicts Bestselling Historian In The Guardian, Ian Sample writes about one scholar's view that we should plan know to guard against human obsolescence.

A Severed Head, Two Cops and the Future of Interrogation In Wired, Robert Kolker writes about the new, kinder, gentler method of interrogation suspects of crimes that some police departments are trying.

Why Are There Violent Rabbits in the Margins of Medieval Manuscripts? On his eponymous blog, Jon Kaneko-James writes about the thinking behind monks' illustrations of rabbits beating humans with sticks in old books.

Beyond Laughter In a 1981 article in Rolling Stone (reprinted on the Daily Beast site), profiles in-depth and with essentially complete understanding the late comic Andy Kaufman.