The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Via Scarfolk Council

Catherine Hayes Burnt for Petty Treason On Capital Punishment UK, Richard Clark writes (graphically) about the burning of a 17th-century woman at the stake.

The Horror of the Unreal In the New Yorker, Peter Bebergal writes about the weird fiction of horror writer Thomas Ligotti.

Visiting Scarfolk, the Most Spectacular Dystopia of the 1970s On Collectors Weekly, Hunter Oatman-Stanford writes about a fictitious alternate universe stuck in the 1970s whose aesthetic emanates bizarre public service announcements.

How Long Would It Take for an Obese Person to Die of Hunger? On Quoara, Chris Wilson writes about the case history of man who starved himself for over a year and how he was able to survive.

The Harvard Library that Protects the World's Rarest Colors On FastCo Design, Diana Budds writes about a pigment repository.

Emerald Sea In Harper's Magazine, Robert P Baird writes about the discovery of a cache of Colombian emeralds off the coast of Key West.

A Brief History of Experimentation on Condemned and Executed Humans In a 1985 article originally published in the Journal of the National Medical Association, Dr Jack Kevorkian writes about unwilling human experimentation across recorded history.