The Best Stuff We've Read All Week

Josh Clark

'White Christmas' is actually the saddest Christmas song On Smithsonian, Marissa Fessenden writes about the sad origin of the song and a few other songs as well.

What's So Scary About A Nuclear-Armed Drone? Kelsey D. Atherton writes about the U.S.'s new fleet of optionally-manned nuclear bombers.

Anti-intellectualism is taking over the US In The Guardian, Patricia Williams cites a couple of examples of knownothingness.

Did Civil War Soldiers Have PTSD? In Smithsonian, Tony Horowitz writes about recent research into the effects of the American Civil War on the men who fought it.

Framed by Forensics on Aeon, Douglas Starr writes about the push to replace old methods of forensic investigation that result in the execution of a convicted defendant based on the investigator's intuition alone.

American Ancients: 10 of the United States' Most Intriguing Archaeological Mysteries On Atlas Obscura, Kimberly Wadsworth compiles a list of some of the more perplexing sites in the country.

Enlightenment's Evil Twin In The Atlantic, Gracie Lofthouse writes about depersonalization, where the individual loses the sensation that reality is real, but without any sort of psychotic break.

NASA just 'emailed' a wrench to space for the first time In the Washington Post, Rachel Feltman writes about a most historic development.

A Simple Explanation of Tonight's Winter Solstice On Mic, Matt Essert sorts out the idea that the 2014 winter solstice was the longest night in the history of the Northern Hemisphere.

Orangutan in Argentina zoo recognized by court as 'non-human person' In the Guardian, Reuters reports about an orangutan in captivity whose release was won in court.

The Unidentified Queen of Torture In The New Yorker, Jane Mayer writes about a CIA operative (who has since been identified by The Intercept) who was at the center of many of the agency's debacles during the 21st century.

Slut-Shaming, Eugenics and Donald Duck: The Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies In Collector's Weekly, Lisa Hix writes about the evolution of sex ed and the frequently misogynistic and racists tacks they took.

Why Only A True Grinch Would Give Gift Cards This Holiday Season On Forbes, J. Maureen Henderson writes about the many downsides of gift cards.