SYSK Takes the Show on the Guatemala

Charles Bryant

Hello there, folks. We've been sitting on this to keep from jinxing it, but we wanted to let everyone know about a special opportunity that team SYSK is partaking in. A few months ago a very nice person named Ann, who works with a great Cincinnati, OH non-profit organization, e-mailed us with an invitation to go to Guatemala as sponsored guests to take part in a "snapshot tour" of their operation. I was pretty reticent to accept until Josh pointed out that I was thinking about "Guantanamo." I jest.

The group is called Cooperative for Education and their mission statement is to help break the cycle of poverty through education. Guatemala is very poor and these fine folks travel all over the country building computer centers, libraries, placing textbooks and tutors, and much more. They're really doing some exceptional work, so the idea kind of evolved and we decided to do a couple of special shows detailing the experience and exploring the concept of ending poverty through education.

So instead of researching here in the office, we're actually getting out in the field for some hands-on podcast goodness. Jeri is going with us so we're recording live on the scene, interviewing CoEd members and locals about the program. We aren't sure about Internet access, but we are going to be blogging daily about what's happening. Look for those either next week (if we can) or the following week and then keep an eye on the podcasts in the weeks to come.

Wish us a safe and typhoid-free week! We can't wait to report to you from Central America.