Stuff You Should Know at SXSW

Josh Clark

It is getting to be that time of year, when the creatives roll into Austin, TX., and pretty much take over downtown for a few weeks during South by Southwest. Chuck and I are doing our part with a two-day stand, one an official SXSW event even.

On Sunday, March 11, we're going to be in the Maximilian Room of the venerable Driskill Hotel, built by a cattle baron in 1886 and still keeping a vastly opulentand even kind of creepy Overlook Hotel air to it. At 3:30, Chuck and I will record an episode of SYSK live in front of everyone, a part of our performance art piece, the Ongoing Parade of Terrifying and Humiliating Situations. We haven't yet decided what topic to record and are open to suggestions. At the very least, we imagine that it will top the one we recorded live last year at SXSW on UFOs. After recording is complete, we will follow the industry standard for live performances and emerge from backstage wearing robes and clutching hand towels for wiping our brows to accept congratulatory bouquets and engage in self-serving Q&A with the audience.

Once that joint's down, who knows? It's up for grabs until the next day when we complete our whirlwind tour of SXSW. It's a big finish: We're throwing a party to debut clips from our upcoming TV pilot for the Science Channel. That's right, a TV pilot; a 22-minute show that will air on television, Science Channel's corner of television to be exact. Knowing full well a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the world premiere of our TV pilot wouldn't be enough to get anyone to show up, we packed the night with everyone we could get, figuring someone would stick. Our dear friend and business manager John Hodgman will be there. Ooh la la. And soon-to-be-new-friend Eugene Mirman is doing a stand-up set for us. I am looking forward to meeting Mr. Mirman, as I am assured he is a very nice fellow. Another new friend, Lucy Wainwright Roche will play us some music. She plays our beloved producer Jeri in the TV pilot. Chuck and I were surprised to find that Lucy is the Jeri we always wished Jeri was. Additionally, musically, we're going to hear from local Austin alt-country heroes Crooks (who, serendipitously, actually like SYSK) and The Henry Clay People, who composed the score and the theme song to the pilot. Whew. Man, that was a lot of information. Oh! Also, the party we're throwing has a name, as if it's a human baby: The Stuff You Should Know Variety Show. You can come hold the baby for a while if you're careful on Monday, March 12 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. It's free, it's open to all, no SXSW badge required. And, as if I haven't provided enough incentive, the first 100 people get a free drink ticket.

That's about it. After that, we go home. Hope to see you in Austin.

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