The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

The Secret Life of Johnny Lewis In Los Angeles Magazine, Bill Jensen writes about the death of actor Johnny Lewis, the violence surrounding and the sad events responsible for it all.

Joseph Lister's unknown operation uncovered On the BBC's site, Beth Rose writes about the recent discovery by a medical historian of the first surgery carried out by legendary doctor and researcher Joseph Lister, which had been heretofore lost to history.

The Many Disasters Behind the West Virginia Chemical Disaster In Newsweek, Zoe Schlanger writes about the alarming lack of oversight and regulation of the 83,000 hazardous chemicals used by industry in the U.S.

A Blackmailer Acquires Popular Twitter Handle; Commits Near-perfect Crime In Forbes, Elise Ackerman recounts a recent cyber crime, where the owner of the coveted Twitter handle @N was extorted into giving it up by a hacker.

How much can you get for selling your body (parts)? In the Guardian, Jana Kasperkevic runs down the going rates for the tissues and body fluids on the open market.

Death, where is thy bling? The Economist writes about the legally grey market for whole cadavers, donated by families, used to advance medical science and brokered by (sometimes) for-profit middlemen.

The Perfect Way to Hold a Hamburger On Kotaku, Brian Ashcraft writes about a recent investigation by science, on behalf of a Japanese television show, on the best way to hold a hamburger so that the contents stay within the bun.

Infant mortality rate in Detroit rivals areas of the Third World In the Detroit News, Karen Bouffard navigates treacherous waters by writing about recent figures that show the shocking number of deaths of children before their first birthday in Detroit.

Did Alien Life Evolve Just After The Big Bang? On LiveScience, Katia Moskvitch writes about a hypothesis that life may have evolved previously in the universe due to a period of warmth in the cosmic background that would have sustained life for several million years.

The Fascinating, Untold Story of Jell-O On Gizmodo, Matt Buzz writes about the origin and early years of the great American marketing success story of Jell-O dessert.