The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Wiseau's Folly: Greg Sistero and Tom Bissell's The Disaster Artist. In the Los Angeles Review of Books, TV writer Scott Jacobson reviews a book about the making of and the man behind what might be the most engrossing and engaging bad movie ever made, Tommy Wiseau's The Room, written by one of the movie's co-stars.

Brain activity found after 'brain death'. In the Los Angeles Times, Geoffrey Mohan reports on a recent finding of electrical activity in the brains of cats long after typical techniques used for human patients stopped returning signs of life, suggesting our definition of brain death needs updating.

Dark tourism: why murder sites and disaster zones are proving popular. In The Guardian, Will Coldwell writes about the increasing trend of macabre and grim sites growing in significance and popularity among tourists.

Cruel and unusable. The Economist reports on the difficulty American prison systems are facing finding approved drugs to execute prisoners as drug makers ban their products' use in capital punishment.

Mass Killings Can Haunt Elephants For Decades. In the journal Science, writer Virginia Morell writes about findings that elephant calves who witness culling, prescribed killing of elephants to manage their numbers, exhibit social maladjustment and signs similar to those found in human PTSD sufferers.

The Psychological Power of Satan. In Scientific American, Piercarlo Valdesolo covers the effect of belief in pure evil (BPE), a quality that can be used to predict a number of behaviors, and a possibly unjust root of criminal justice systems.