The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Coronado High. In a highly-produced piece in The Atavist, writer Joshuah Bearman sends up an immensely readable and enthralling article on a real-life drug smuggling ring of surfers that began with humble origins in the late 60s and grew into an empire by 1980. (Recommended you not read this on a mobile device.)

Lost to the Ages. On Grantland, Emily Yoshida writes a fan-ish tribute to Myst, the immersive PC game from the early 90s that changed video games but never really led to the revolution it was expected to unleash.

Blood Spore. Harper's Magazine is kind enough to give to the world free of charge what is perhaps Josh's favorite magazine article of all time. Science reporter Hamilton Morris covers the story of rogue mycologist Steven Pollock, who brought a newly-discovered species of magic mushroom to the masses through mail order before being murdered, possibly by the police. (Click the link beneath the subscription ad to read the whole article.)

Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind? In the New York Times Magazine in 2011, Susan Dominus writes about the fascinating (wondrous, really) Hogan twins, conjoined at the skull and effectively with conjoined brains as well. Although it's too early to tell, Dominus recounts the anecdotal evidence that the two share sensations: what one of the girls eats, the other tastes.