Stuff You Should Know's Links for the Week

Josh Clark

Here they are, friends, links to all the great new stuff we put out this week, all wrapped up in one place. Enjoy it and have a very wonderful weekend.

An Extensive Gallery of Josh and Chuck Photoshopped Into Troubling Images. We added about 40 new troubling images to this gallery. Good, unsettling stuff.

Animated Stuff You Should Know, Episode 9: From How Subways Work. An awesome installment of our wonderful animated series of snippets taken from the podcast by Nick Shoen.

Abandoned Water Park, Eagle Beach, Aruba. During a vacation last fall, Josh and his wife Umi came upon a creppy abandoned water park and documented it in photos. We present them here for you in this gallery.

This Day in History: April 30, Walpurgis Night. Something has happened to unnerve Chuck and Josh while they eavesdrop. While they wait for it to happen again, they record an episode of TDIH on the Norse pagan holiday of Walpurgis night.

Tuesday's Podcast Episode: Is there such a thing as a truth serum? Ever since people have had secrets, other people have been looking for ways to get it out of them. Law enforcement and chemistry alike have searched for a drug that can remove the ability to lie. Chuck and Josh check in to see how it's going.

Don't Be Dumb: Dropping a Penny From the Empire State Building.In the latest installment of this video series hosted by a mentally-addled Josh, we learn why dropping a penny from the Empire State Building won't kill anyone below.

Thursday's Podcast Episode: How Dungeons and Dragons Works. Despite what you've heard, Dungeons and Dragons isn't just for geeks, it isn't satanic and it's actually a pretty great way to exercise your imagination. Find out about the basics of D&D, its place in pop culture and the controversy the classic role playing game has stirred.

How to Perform a Citizen's Arrest, and Why You Really Shouldn't. Just because something sounds like a good idea doesn't mean it is. In this post, SYSK provides a how-to guide on citizens' arrests as well as extensive reasons why you shouldn't perform one.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week. From hidden messages in Edgar Allen Poe's writing to CIA bank robbers, here are links to the most engrossing articles we've read this week.