The Satanic Temple Wants You To Know You Can Donate to Their Adopt-A-Highway Project

Josh Clark

Courtesy [url=] The Lonely Conservative[/url]

You are likely aware of Westboro Baptist Church. They go out of their way on pretty much a daily basis to bring themselves to your attention, picketing the funerals of dead soldiers with signs like "God Loves IEDs," concerts of the likes of "pervert" recording artists One Direction, New Kids On the Block and Taylor Swift, using the American flag as a handkerchief and keeping their Twitter accounts pretty active attributing the everything from the Boston Marathon bombing to the deaths of the Hot Shot firefighters in an Arizona wildfire to God's punishment for allowing same sex marriage. (They keep a running tally of all of the reasons for God's wrath here.) Speaking in purely marketing terms, they have built a very recognizable brand.

The church has also, you may imagine, attracted the ire of virtually everyone in the U.S. and beyond with their almost comically offensive protests, but have been protected time after time by their very clear First Amendment right to carry out those offensive protests. WBC's gleeful embrace of the freedom to deeply insult others to raise awareness for their beliefs has recently been co-opted by the church's antithesis, the Satanic Temple of Brooklyn, New York. Except instead of picketing concerts to assert the idea that "same-sex marriage dooms nations," the satanists are trying to bring attention to their crowd-funded effort to join New York's Adopt-A-Highway program.

To this end, the Satanic Temple has taken to holding "pink masses" over the Mississippi grave of Catherine Idalette Johnston, the mother of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr. A pink mass, say the satanists, is a rite in which same-sex couples show their love and affection for one another by making out over the grave of Catherine Johnston. Following the rite, say the satanists, Johnston became "gay in the afterlife." Now that her post-life orientation has changed, anytime a same-sex couple makes out over her grave, Mrs. Johnston's spirit will be "pleasured in the afterlife."

Apparently not ones to be easily offended, WBC has responded on Twitter with "yawn"s and "LOL"s.

The Temple of Satan's campaign against WBC hasn't been entirely fruitful. Despite national exposure of the pink mass on July 14, the crowd-funding effort has only raised about $1400 of the $15,000 they need to adopt a stretch of New York highway (which would ostensibly be outfitted with a state-issued sign that tells motorists that the shoulders of the highway they're driving on is taken care of by satanists).