Charles Bryant

Podcast Goodness: Tickling and Stagflation

Hello, folks. Sorry for the absence, but the podcast goodness leg of the SYSK podcast program is back in full effect. Welcome to new readers, and hello to the old standbys. This week on the show we covered a couple of topics that are kind of weird when paired together -- tickling and stagflation. In the tickling show, we covered a little behind the science of why people are ticklish and why we can't tickle ourselves. Apparently the brain knows the tickle is coming and tells the body, "disregard, this isn't worth your attention." Bing bang boom, you can't tickle yourself. And why do we laugh when we're tickled? Nobody knows exactly.

Yesterday we released a show about stagflation, something that economists never really thought was possible. It's when the unemployment rate climbs to dangerous levels, coupled with a steep climb in inflation, a recipe for economic disaster. When unemployment rises, inflation is supposed to go down, at least historically speaking. Unfortunately the Fed sometimes gets it wrong, and can actually trigger stagflation through its policies. We first saw this in the United States during the OPEC oil embargo of the 1970s. We aren't there right now, but some fear that rising inflation coupled with the current economic situation could lead to another round of the dreaded stagflation.

Have a great weekend, everybody and as ever, be safe out there. Feel free to leave some comments on tickling and stagflation below.