Podcast Goodness: Tasty Saunas!

Charles Bryant

Good day, SYSK Army. Have you ever heard the term "hotter than Georgia asphalt?" Well it's a saying for a good reason. I'm melting as we speak and I'm no where near asphalt.

This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program, Joshers and I talked about taste and saunas. In the taste-cast, we learned that the Japanese put a name on that meaty taste that never fit into the sweet, sour, bitter, salty map. It's called umami and it's the fifth official taste. Of course, the Western world didn't pick up on this until decades after Japan mapped it, but that's how it usually goes. We also learned that the French are lobbying for fat to become part of the taste map. Crazy right?

Yesterday we released a bit of goodness about saunas. We've already been informed on listener mail that the Finns pronounce it more like "sowna" but since we're American, we don't feel too bad. Saunas are pretty interesting, from the origins in Finland to the odd sauna practices in places like Russia. A good schvitz is great for your skin and overall mental state, as well as helping to rid the body of a small amount of toxins.

Short and sweet today -- I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe, and sound off in the comments below about taste and saunas.

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