Podcast Goodness: SWAT Teams and Urban Legends

Charles Bryant

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Busy day today, so not much to do about life here in Atlanta, as we're busy getting ready for the big trip to Central America. Just know that we're cold and wet.

This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program we had a little fun with some not too heady topics. Tuesday we covered SWAT Teams, from its origins in Los Angeles to the modern version, which isn't too different. These guys (and gals) are called in whenever the police need a little assistance. They're basically officers what have received some extra special training and have access to different, more specialized (heavy-duty) weapons. Thus the name, "Special Weapons and Tactics." This is a change from the original name "Special Weapons Attack Team." They thought this was a little too aggressive sounding. As promised, check out the cool picture of the Masterkey S shotgun/machine gun combo, a.k.a. my new zombie apocalypse defense weapon.

Yesterday was a bit of fun with urban legends. We've all heard them and most of us have passed them along. It's a truly human phenomenon that has its roots in good old folklore. We covered some famous ones, from Eddie Murphy on an elevator with a jumpy lady, to the old-school stories about hook-armed maniacs with their eye on necking teenagers parked at "inspiration point." Good stuff.

So let's hear from you, SYSK Army. Who has seen a SWAT Team in action? Who has a great urban legend for us, or thinks that their legend is actually real? Have a great weekend and look for our Guatemala blog diary coming next week (if we can find an Internet connection down there) or the following week.