Podcast Goodness: Stealing Lego Art

Charles Bryant

Good gravy, fine folks of the SYSK Army. It's been another crazy week here at HQ. That makes two in a row. I don't know if my old bones can take much more of this. Plus my air conditioning has broken right as it has started to get hot and muggy - that's kind of how that works though, right? Murphy and his cursed law! And now I have to duke it out with the HVAC company because of the bill I don't think I should pay. They're holding me hostage and preying on my sweating problem! Here's some advice from your Uncle Chuck -- forget what everyone says about owning a home as a good investment. Find a decent landlord and rent for life. Moving on...

This week on the SYSK podcast program Nurse Clark and I covered a couple of seemingly unrelated topics. But they are linked as it turns out. Tuesday we covered another iconic brand - Legos! Actually, they're officially referred to as "Lego Bricks." That aside, we were pretty knocked out by the long history of the toy for kids and adults alike. They're a part of pretty much every American child's early years and as it turns out, in a lot of other countries as well. Everyone except for myself! I realize that makes me odd, and I'll take it. I also caused quite a stir on our Facebook page with my M.C. Escher mini-rant. Let me be clear, I appreciated his stuff the first 3,000 times I saw it. Then it lost its effect on me. Kind of like "American Pie." So byyyye-byyyye Escher.

Yesterday was, what I thought, a pretty funny show about how easy it is to steal art. Turns out it's not too hard in most cases. There's even a booming art black market of sorts where unscrupulous types can wheel and deal. This show was also highly tangential, which are my favorites. We hope you guys like this kind of stuff too. Or would you rather we stick to the facts? Actually, don't answer that.

But let's hear from you below. We've gotten some great Lego action on our Facebook page. In fact, the FB page has been quite the party - a lot of fun for us. Check us out there and on Twitter @SYSKPodcast.

As always, hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. Until next week...