Podcast Goodness: Prohibition and Rehab

Charles Bryant

Greetings, earthlings. It is Chuck here, from the great state of Georgia, for a little podcast recap. This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program, we completed a three podcast suite on addiction, prohibition and rehab. We hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday's show on prohibition was a personal favorite of mine. I love history and bizarre history especially, which I think prohibition falls under. At a certain point in the United States, a groundswell of support came about to outlaw the production and sale of alcohol. Fact of the day: it was not actually illegal to drink in a household. And they also gave Americans a full year after it was passed before it went into effect. So, in other words, Americans had a full year to stock up the old wine cabinet to get them through the dry times. Turns out the "grand experiment" ended up being exactly that -- an experiment. It was a bad idea to try and stop people from getting their hands on booze, and even those who supported it initially realized this later one, though their hatred of alcohol remained.

Yesterday we finished this suite off with a little podcast goodness on rehab, an appropriate way to end this thing. Rehab has changed a lot over the years, but the basic concept now is to get you away from temptation and around some support for a period of days (usually 28) until the you can handle things on the outside. There are some high priced rehabs that celebrities have put on the map, but there are also some affordable ones, usually outpatient, that are for folks like you and me who can't afford $10,000 per day. AA and other 12-step programs are often part of the rehab process, but not always. There are alternatives to those programs if they aren't your bag. Maybe we inspired someone out there to get help if they need it. Or at least educated others who didn't know much about the process.

So that's that. Have a great weekend and as always, be safe. If you have some personal stories of rehab, we'd love to hear them right here.

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