Podcast Goodness: Pardon Me While I Remove This Tick

Charles Bryant

Greetings and salutations, people. Who's ready for a little podcast recap?

Tuesday's show was about ticks. Yes, ticks. Sometimes the oddest subjects turn out to get the biggest responses and this one falls into that category for sure. We've received tons of fan mail about these crunchy little bloodsuckers. Who knew that ticks were so popular? We learned a lot about ticks, but my favorite bit was about questing. This is how they get onto your clothing and eventually into your skin. They climb up branches and blades of grass and hold their tiny little arms up in the air with their pinchers flailing, just waiting for a dumb human to walk by. When we do, they grab hold for dear life and it's all over. The next thing you know, they're working their way up your leg into a very dark and spooky place. Can we all collectively freak out now?

Yesterday was about presidential pardons. We don't often do this, but we caught an error already and instead of fixing it, we'll just say it here. Scooter Libby was not pardoned, his sentence was commuted. We explain the difference between the two in the show. Commuting gets your rear end out of jail, but does not restore the rights you lost after being convicted like a pardon does. They're both types of clemency.

Let's hear your most harrowing tick stories below in the comments, and if you've been pardoned we must know about it.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Be safe. If you haven't hit us up on Facebook or Twitter yet, please do.