Podcast Goodness: Ninja and Undiscovered People

Charles Bryant

Goodness gracious, people. It's almost the end of January, 2010 -- THE FUTURE. Can you believe it? Why aren't we eating five-course meals in the form of a pill or teleporting ourselves from coast to coast? Why don't we have little robot vacuum cleaners to help us keep tidy? Oh wait, I think we do have those. I've seen videos on the YouTube of cats riding these things. What a world. I digress.

This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program Dr. Clark and yours truly covered a couple of pretty cool topics. At long last and after many requests, we finally got around to covering the ninja, in all of their sneaky, assassinating glory. I'll just go ahead and say right here that I learned a ton about ninja -- a topic I hadn't ever really heard much about apart from silly movies. Turns out the ninja flew in the face of the samurai Bushido code. These dudes were ruthless, mercenary assassins intent on making a buck. They also tended to dress normally so they could blend in, because dressing like a ninja is kind of a dead giveaway. Good stuff.

Yesterday we got into whether or not there could still be undiscovered people out there on this great big ball of planet. Our contention is that no, it's very unlikely that there is a tribe of unknowns out there. There are about 100 uncontacted people though, which is pretty cool. Sadly, many times when greedy captains of industry find an uncontacted tribe, the natives are met with the sword in the name of mining, logging, farming or good old crude oil. Jerks. And even when we go sneaking around in the name of "good," we can bring deadly microbes and bacteria from the "civilized" world that can harm an otherwise happy and healthy tribe. Jerks.

OK, SYSK Army -- have a great weekend. If you feel like reading some good stuff, check out Josh's excellent article on the Huffingtong Post. It's a big deal to get picked to write for HuffPo, so we're all very proud of Josh and his mad skills.