Podcast Goodness: Microexpressions and Good Anger - HULK SMASH!

Charles Bryant

Josh and I are always much tougher on ourselves than anyone else could be in regards to the show, but this week we were both pretty pleased with our podcasting efforts. Tuesday's "Microexpressions" and yesterday's "Can Anger be a Good Thing?" were both chock full of Stuff You Should Know goodness, if you ask me. My favorite shows are typically loaded with interesting facts and studies and plenty of personal anecdotes.

We don't tell each other these stories beforehand and the usually occur on the fly, so when Josh spins a great yarn it's new to me as well as you all. Having said that -- microexpressions. These are very small, but significant gestures someone makes in conversation. They can either give you away as a liar or reinforce that you're telling the truth, as well as saying a host of things about your mood and temperament. Really fascinating stuff.

Can anger be a good thing? Absolutely. The main takeaway on this one was that anger can be a very healthy release of frustrations as long as it's done in the correct way at the correct time. We reviewed a load of studies about the differences between men and women and how they deal with anger and relayed a few personal tales of anger we've seen and felt.

We also got a lot of creative fan mail -- keep it up, SYSK Nation! Check out the podcasts from this week if you haven't already and discuss below. If you have any questions, we'll answer them as best we can.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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