Podcast Goodness: Good Ideas and Life Straw

Charles Bryant

Hey there, Stuff You Should Know Army! It's Chuck here for a little podcast recap for the week of November 15, in the year 2010. That's right, it's 2010, so if you're still living on 2009 time, then you're almost a full year behind. Get with it, why don't you. I kid.

So this week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program we covered good ideas in a couple of ways. On Tuesday's show we posed a question -- have all the good ideas already been discovered? It was a kind of follow up to our show about innovation, a topic we love. I'll go ahead and throw out a spoiler here. Josh and I don't believe all the good ideas have been discovered. We both think that at various times in history, that innovation can plateau, but just when you think there won't be another Bill Gates, another Gates comes along. We highlighted some programs that inspire and fund innovation and a few people who have won some of these grants. Smart folks. All in, I was pretty excited about this show.

Yesterday we actually covered a great idea called LifeStraw. This is a great invention from a few years ago by a Swiss man whose name I won't try and spell. The idea is that people in developing nations can get their hands on these straws to give them access to clean drinking water. It's a tube filtration system that you wear around your neck, and you essentially use it just like a straw. It protects people from nasty diseases like guinea worm and giardia, and all other kinds of waterborne boogers. It's effective against 99.9 percent of them, so hats off to the inventor for the genius, yet simplistic tool.

Have a great weekend, folks. As always, be safe.