Podcast Goodness: Cliff Diving Geniuses

Charles Bryant

Oy vey. I got up early this morning and wrote what I thought was a pretty stellar podcast recap for you fine folks. We have a booger of a show to record later today so I made sure I got up EXTRA early to get the recap done so I could spend my day prepping. Thank you, WordPress for deleting the entire post before I could get it published. Ugh. In protest, I'm not going to try to recreate the genius that was that post. Let's just get down and dirty and leave it to the excellent comments to save my bacon.

Tuesday was a show on genius. I'm clearly no genius as I failed to save my draft as I typed it out. Genius is subjective and Josh at our list. Nuff said.

Yesterday we covered cliff diving. People go to cliff, they dive in. Sometimes they get hurt. Nuff said.

Leave your comments below, folks. I know there are some genius level IQs out there. And surely somebody here besides myself has jumped from a cliff, right? RIGHT?

Have a great weekend, be safe and sign up for our Facebook and/or Twitter pages if you haven't already.