Podcast Goodness: Circumcision and War Rules

Charles Bryant

Hello there, folks. It's time for a little podcast recap -- a chance for the SYSK Army to sound off about the show topics. A forum, if you will.

This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program, Dr. Clark and myself got into a couple of odd topics. Well, neither one is odd on its own, but paired together it's a bit weird. On Tuesday's show we chatted it up about circumcision. For those of you who aren't in the know, this is when a boy's (or man's) foreskin is surgically removed from his penis. That about says it all I think. The main reason behind doing this was to ask the question, should we or shouldn't we? This is what all new parents of boys face, because there really isn't a medical reason in most cases to do so. And there has been a big movement to cease circumcision in recent years. In the end, it's a personal thing, so hopefully we armed you with the facts the decide.

Yesterday we did a little old show on the rules of war. For some reason I didn't think I was going to be so into this one until I started researching it. Turns out the Hague and Geneva conventions are both pretty fascinating. it's unusual to me that amid the chaos of war, humans thought to lay down some rules. It's also distressing that they needed to be amended so much. That means that as we made rules, we also came up with newer and better ways to kill each other. Among the more interesting rules to me are the ones that have to do with the protection of cultural property. You can bomb a town into oblivion, but you can't touch the museum. Pretty cool if you ask me.

So that's that, folks. Let's hear from you in the comments. I know everyone has an opinion on circumcision and this is the place to do it. As ever, have a great and safe weekend. Be careful out there.

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