Oetzi the Ice Man gets Makeover, Ready to Party

Josh Clark

Oetzi the Ice Man has a new look in time for spring, thanks to a pair of Dutch researchers. Oetzi, of course, is the Copper Age European murder victim who was felled by an arrow 5,300 years ago, leaving him in an icy crevasse in the Italian Alps, where he was preserved as possibly the only mummy found from that age. (Look for Oetzi in an upcoming SYSK episode on mummies.)

He was discovered in 1991 and yielded a trove of information about the period in Europe. For example, people of that time liked to wear grass capes like the one Oetzi was wearing, they used copper tools like the axe he was found with and they were willing on at least one occasion to kill one another with arrows. Personally, he suffered from arthritis and whipworm, a type of intestinal parasite normally found in dogs these days.

Old Oetzi looked far too much like a Shakespearean actor doing Macbeth. Now Oetzi looks a bit like Kris Kristofferson getting ready to join the party in the hot tub at his home in Vail. He could do worse.

And here's the BBC article featuring the comelier new Oetzi.