Oddly Cute: Deucy, the Two-Faced Janus Cat

Josh Clark

A sweet little kitty named Deucy has been born in Oregon and normally the birth of kittens don't warrant blog posts, this one does since she has two faces and all. Being born with two faces makes Deucy what's called a Janus cat -- named after the two-faced ancient Roman god who oversaw transitions, the beginning and the end of events, like a war for example. Poor Deucy has been rejected by her mother :( but her owners are stepping up.

Survival of two-faced or severely deformed animals is usually around nil in the wild, but human intervention means one will survive every so often. Frankenlouie is a pretty good example; he's made it to adulthood with two full faces. In fact, he set a world's record for the longest-lived Janus cat. Pretty neat.