JFK and UFOs

Charles Bryant

Hey there, folks. Recently we did a live podcast at the SXSW Interactive Festival in lovely Austin, Texas. it was our first live gig so we decided to do something that most people probably find pretty fascinating -- UFOs. I made a remark that I believed that there is intelligent life somewhere else aside from planet Earth. Since then I've gotten a lot of guff in email and on the Facebook page from skeptics. They all generally send the same quotes from the same people with the familiar refrain that the burden of proof is on me, the believer. Fair enough, but since I'm not on a mission to get other people to believe in intelligent life elsewhere, I say "no thanks." I'm not really that into UFOs or aliens and the like, I kind of just think "who am I to say there's not?"

So, that's kind of a long winded way of setting up this pretty interesting article from AOL News. It outlines some UFO snooping around that JFK was doing about ten days before he was assassinated. Don't worry, nobody is trying to make a connection there, but it's a really interesting read that touches on redacted documents, NASA scientists and the freedom of information act. Regardless of if you believe in intelligent life elsewhere, it's a fun post from contributor Lee Speilgel and well worth ten minutes.

What do you think about it?