Indoor Parkour Facility Opens

Charles Bryant

Those of you who have listened to the podcast know how AWESOME I think parkour is. If you don't know what it is, it's part running, part gymnastics with a bit of martial arts thrown in. Sort of. It's also called "free-running" and been featured in a number of movies, most notably the James Bond flick "Casino Royale." It's pretty much a foot chase on steroids -- flipping over, under and around obstacles is the name of the game. And it also seems like keeping the forward movement going is where the real art of it comes into play. Stopping at a wall to figure out how to scale it and where to go next is poor form, as I understand it. Each route is carefully planned it seems. Although I'm sure some free runners are talented enough to just go wild and improvise without stopping.

Anyway, this is all old news for most people. Parkour has been around for a while and the videos blew up the Internet when people were still Rick-Rolling. Check out this new training facility that's open for business in Chatsworth, California. They have an awesome video to show you how it works. This place is pretty wicked, although it definitely looks more like a playground than the streets where parkour was born. But it's for training, so I can forgive the fact that it looks kind of like the set of a kid's show. The camera work in this is pretty cool too, although the camera person does take a knee to the lens about halfway through.

Do we have any parkour runners out there? Drop some knowledge on us!

And thanks to Jonathan from TechStuff for sending along!