Hair Weave Stops Bullet. No, really.

Charles Bryant

Today's post comes courtesy of Stuff You Should Know listener Carlos Dominguez. Carlos pointed us in the direction of a news story out of Kansas City, Missouri that smacked of a show we did on December 16th entitled "Where is the best place on the body to get shot?" Heady stuff. We made arguments for quite a few places on the body, but hair weave was not one of them.

Here's the lowdown -- a 20 year-old woman pulled into a store parking lot and saw her ex-boyfriend. She parked and one of his buddies came to her window with the message that her boyfriend still loved her. Sweet right? Alas, it was an unrequited love, for she spurned him. Right after the spurning, she heard shots being fired and saw her boyfriend coming up behind her in a kill-crazy rampage (name that movie.) True love indeed. The window shattered and she sped away. She came back moments later, saw the bad guys leaving and called the police. It was then that officers discovered a bullet stuck in the woman's hair weave. All of this according to early reports, mind you.

So this got us thinking. In our podcast we talked about being shot through a bone, in-and-out wounds and hits to the head, chest, hip, arms and legs. We ultimately decided on the hands and feet as the best places. We had quite a few folks write in to suggest the cheeks, both facial and gluteal, which we thought was pretty good too. The news story also reminds me of the episode "How Body Armor Works" from January 8. It sounds like the woman's tight, thick weave reacted much in the same way that the synthetic fibrous Kevlar weave in body armor does.

Perhaps the bullet slowed down after hitting the windshield or even bounced around the interior of the car before landing in the weave. I'm not trained in bullet ballistics so I'm eager to hear from one of you experts who can tell us what might have occurred to allow a hair weave to stop a bullet, scientifically speaking.

Your homework for today: Where's the best place to take a bullet if you get shot? How Body Armor Works How Hair Replacement Works