Free Toaster When You Open a PennyPincher (TM) Goat Savings Account

Josh Clark

If money is the root of all evil and goats are the incarnate of evil, then why not use them interchangably? Well, you can. Some enterprising entrepreneurs in rural Korawan, India have established a bank that maintains goats as currency. It makes utter and complete sense -- don't say it doesn't, Western Yankee.

NDTV reports of a woman named Prema and some of her fellow villagers have assembled some goats that they loan to woman in the village looking to make extra cash for their families selling goat's milk, making goat cheese, pretty much anything you can do with a goat short of slaughtering it. The goats are, after all, on loan. The bank also holds onto goats in savings accounts.

People in the village, called Afrozi (which is certainly noteworthy, since that's the name of the Afrozi Yunus, wife of the Nobel Prize-winning creator of microlending instution Grameen Bank), make most of their money breaking rocks into smaller rocks, so the extra dough that can be made from the goat loans is extremely, extremely useful and will hopefully manage to help pull the entire village out of its current industry. The bank's founder estimates that a stable of 20 goats could allow a woman to be financially free.

The structure of the bank appears sound; when goats that are loaned have kids, one goes to the bank to replace ones that die or to be loaned out to other villagers.

Considering that we in the States trade paper that's not backed by anything, the Afrozi goat bank is refreshing, except for the smell. And since a livestock barter system is likely the banking model we'll follow after the 2012 apocalypse, we should probably start investing now.

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