Colonial Mule Skinner = Terrorist?!?

Charles Bryant

Yes, you read that right. ran a story yesterday detailing one of the more comical anti-terror laws currently on the books. Was it protecting Americans from shoe bombers or hijackers? Not exactly. It's protecting Americans from people that dress in Colonial-era garb and lead mules alongside a Pennsylvania riverbank.

That's right -- some workers at the Hugh Moore Historical Park in Easton, PA are required to submit to a criminal background check as a condition of their employment. What kind of dangerous job do they perform? They pull a boat down a canal with two mules, just like in the good old days. Visitors to the park can take a ride in the boat as part of the tour. The employees who lead the mules at a staggering two miles per hour must apply for biometric Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, just like truckers and longshoremen.

With the current economic crisis in the United States, getting rid of this requirement for the role-playing employees isn't the highest priority, but it costs each mule-skinner a hundred bucks and takes time and money for the government to process the application. So would it behoove the TSA to take a look at this odd requirement?

What do you folks think?

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