College Majors and How They Pay

Charles Bryant

When I went to college I decided to major in English, largely because the two things I ever really enjoyed were reading and writing. Seemed like a no-brainer. And since my parents were both educators I always kind of thought I'd end up teaching with that English degree. Although I've never been a classroom teacher, I kind of ended up doing just that with the podcast. Pretty funny how that all worked out. I reckon if the podcast hadn't have come along I would be in a classroom right now and probably working on scripts or novels or something else creative. Lucky for me I have a great gig with no plans to leave it any time soon.

Thanks to NPR, we now have a handy little graph and story about what majors are making the money right now. If you guessed English major at the top of the list you'd be wrong. In fact, all of the liberal arts programs fair near the bottom of the list. It's no surprise that engineers tops the list, especially the super fancy petroleum engineer, which holds down the top spot. Check out the graph and make your decision wisely, young student. Everyone else can just gloat or be bitter.