Child Strip Search Case Hits Supreme Court

Charles Bryant

This just in from - the case of the eighth grade girl who was strip searched in her middle school is now heading to the Supreme Court.

Some details if you aren't familiar:

In 2003, Savana Redding was an eight grade honor student in a middle school in Arizona and was pulled into the principal's office after a fellow student accused her of providing prescription-strength ibuprofen pills. She denied it, so they searched her backpack and found nothing. Even though she had never been in any kind of trouble before, she was then taken to a private room and by three female school employees and made to strip to her underwear. They also had her pull her bra out for further inspection. No drugs.

Savana held her head down during the search to hide the fact that she was nearly in tears. Now it's up to the Supreme Court to decide whether or not this is going a bit too far.

What do you folks think?

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